News Update

Finest Hour :-

Time World Services are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Chris Herbert at the newly formed company 'Finest Hour'.

Chris has a very nice new website  -

Finest Hour website

Chris has some wonderful military clocks and watches for sale plus many other items of military interest.

Many of the timepieces have been serviced by Time World Services and it is a pleasure to be able to work on these fine timepieces some of which are very rare.

Chris is currently selling an IWC B-Uhr that was originally sold by Time World Services to a valued customer in Germany. 

The IWC is very original and well worth a look if you are looking for a special military timepiece.

IWC B-Uhr Pilot's Watch


John Poole Chronometer :-

An interesting recent project for a customer has been the restoration of a John Poole boxed  marine chronometer.

John Poole was one of London's best known chronometer makers and he won prize medals at the 1855 Paris and 1862 London International Exhibitions. He also won a gold medal at the 1867 Paris International Exhibition.

Marine Chronometer John Poole, London, # 3372 Circa 1860

The silvered and engraved dial signed John Poole, MAKER TO THE ADMIRALTY, Fenchurch St. London. 3372;

With subsidiary dials for seconds and up/down dial with blued steel hands, gold hour and minute hands, the movement marked 3372, chain fusee, Earnshaw-type spring detent escapement, cut bimetallic balance with circular heat compensation weights.

In a three tiered mahogany box with a brass gimbal, bowl numbered 3372, and handles to the sides, a vacant bone plaque,with double-ended brass tipsy winding key, and a case key.

According to Tony Mercer (Chronometer Makers of the World), John Poole ’became one of the great chronometer makers, his movements and ideas used by many others’. He won the Greenwich trials twice in 1844 and 1854 achieving the highest accuracy rates of the day.

 Sadly John Poole took his own life in 1867, shortly after winning the gold medal at the Paris Exhibition, his business was carried on by his brother James who’s numbering system has still to be resolved.

 The last known number of a chronometer produced by John Poole was number 3970.