SOLD: CWC Quartz Diver's Issued Wristwatch (168/97)

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CWC Quartz Diver's Issued Wristwatch (168/97) in excellent overall condition.

This is a genuine watch that was actually issued during it's life to a member of the armed services (probably a Royal Marine Specialist Diver). It bears the stores reference 0555/6645-99 7573314 and the issue number 168/97 indicating that it was the 168th such watch issued in 1997.

The case of the watch has some very minor blemishes as is to be expected for an issued watch but nothing to detract and overall it is in very good condition still bearing it's original high polish with no visible corrosion. The dial and crystal are in virtually mint condition. Bezel is in very good condition. The rear case of the watch still has it's original clear plastic protection in place indicating that the watch has had very little use during it's service career.

The watch measures approximately 40mm across it's diameter and 45mm including the crown. Thickness is 10mm. The watch takes a 20mm strap, has fixed bars and would normally be worn on a 'NATO' style strap.

This watch is priced at a premium over that of a new unissued watch to reflect it's more sought after issued status for collectors of military timepieces. The watch is functioning very well although it has not been serviced during my ownership. A new battery will be fitted prior to despatch.

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