SOLD: WW2 Fleet Air Arm Fairey Swordfish Dashboard Mounted Watch

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Fleet Air Arm dashboard mounted watch by H.Golay & Son Ltd..

These watches were used during WW2 in the Fleet Air Arm Fairey Swordfish aircraft. The watch was mounted on the aircraft dashboard using the bakelite holder shown. The watch was used for navigation purposes and the aircraft position could be calculated using the radio signal from 'Beacon North'.

The outer ring of the bakelite case is 82mm diameter. The watch iteself is 62mm diameter with a depth of 22mm.

The enamel dial is marked H.Golay & Son Ltd, London and has unique issue number 206 along with AW & government property broad arrow markings. The roman numeral dial has an outer track marked in arabic numerals for 0-60 secs. The dial is in excellent condition with no cracks or major blemishes.

The hands are the original blued steel minute, hour and seconds hands and are in excellent condition.

The rotating outer bezel is graduated 0-360 degrees and has a case mounted external locking mechanism.

The bakelite holder has some minor damage with a small piece of bakelite missing on the rear and a fine crack to the outer screw bezel. One of the securing brass screws with it's corresponding nut is also missing. The lower front part of the holder has the inscription 'TIME OF BEACON NORTH'.  

The thick domed plexiglass is in very good undamaged condition.

The steel chrome plated case is in very good condition and the rear screwed case has the Hydrographic Survey HS4 engraving which defines the watch as a dashboard mounted watch.

The original movement is a Doxa movement and is in very good working condition. The watch maintains good accuracy in operation but has not been serviced during my ownership.

Overall the watch is in very good original condition and presents a rare opportunity to purchase a fine piece of WW2 Fleet Air Arm history.


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