SOLD: Silver Pair Cased Verge Pocket Watch by Jonathan Wallis of London 1766

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A superb English silver pair cased Verge Pocket Watch by Jonathan Wallis of London - dated to 1766.

This watch is in very original and excellent condition having recently had a service by an extremely competent watchmaker who specialises in servicing this type of watch. The case, hands, dial even the screws are all totally original.

The original dial is in excellent condition with an outer chapter ring of Arabic numerals and an inner ring of Roman numerals.

The square hinged case is in lovely condition the only real testament to it's 244 years of age being wear to the case release button which has worn through where it has been pressed over the centuries. This button could be easily replaced although I personally prefer to leave as is it being original to the watch. The movement is in excellent running condition the top pivot has been replaced at some stage during it's life.

The outer case is 51mm diameter and the inner case 42mm diameter. Overall thickness of the watch is 26mm.

Inside the case there a several watch papers with one hand written dating to 1888.

This watch has been witness to an incredible breadth of human history and presents a rare opportunity to own a very original timepiece dating to the time when John Harrison was wrestling to get H4 and H5 recognised by the Board Of Longitude.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.



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