SOLD: Wempe B-Uhr with 2nd Pattern Dial

SOLD: Very nice condition Wempe B-Uhr with 2nd pattern dial.

Watch has been completely stripped down to every individual part, cleaned, rebuilt and lubricated.

Case, dial, hands, crown and movement etc. all original and in excellent condition and the watch is working very well.

Plexi has some minor crazing but it is original - can be renewed by me if preferred. The crazing marks you can see in the pics are in the plexi and not on the dial which is in great condition. 

The strap is an original strap that has been cut down in size at some stage in the distant past and a smaller buckle fitted. The original straps were very long to enable wearing the watch over a flying suit. I have had the strap re-stitched and restored and it is now in great condition a very nice feature of the watch.

I have disabled the 'stop seconds' feature as I have found that this feature where a spring contacts the side of the balance every time the crown is pulled out is responsible for a large majority of the watches that come to me with broken balance staffs. The very fine balance staff pivots on these watches are very easily bent/ damaged which can seriously effect the running and accuracy of the watch. All the parts are still fitted to the watch and the function can be easily reinstated if required.

Watch is in the UK and I can ship worldwide using UPS and Parcel Pro for insurance.

Price includes fully insured international shipping.

Payment by Paypal (F&F) or direct bank transfer.

If you are interested in purchasing this watch please contact me to discuss shipping etc. in the first instance.

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